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22 July 2008 @ 12:02 am
Alright!! Welcome to all_hallows_pot! I'm one of your moderators, Tenten, also known as aohatsu, and your other moderator is Kimli, also known as violeteyedhair. Kimli, at least, is fantastic and you will, I'm quite sure, fall in love with her immediately. ♥

It is 12:10 AM, July 22nd, and this RPG is up and running, ready to roll, open to the public, for the second time in all its life! 8D

There are a few things I still need to finish up--just the costume descriptions, I think--but ask me anything you want, and I'll be there as fast as possible to answer your questions. I'm just so excited that this RPG is finally starting. I've been working on it for pretty long, you know.

So good luck, have fun, read the rules, apply as fast as you can (so I can have an excuse to be more excited) and definitely, definitely, enjoy every minute of Halloween--which is fast in approaching! ♥
27 May 2008 @ 09:31 pm
♠ Places and Their Inhabitants ♠

• Castle; The very large, ominous-looking castle that you can see from the Forest, the Ghost Town, the Old Manor and The Village. It's the home of a group of vampires.

• Crashed Ship; An old, broken Pirate Ship crashed into a small island not far from the Underwater City. Moss has grown all over it and a band of Pirates live on the Island, guarding a treasure chest they don't have a key to.

• Forest; A huge forest spreading miles in every direction, with thick trees making traveling through it very difficult if the path is lost. Many unknown creatures live in the forest--some are friendly, some are dangerous. The trees and plants, too, can be dangerous.

• Ghost Town; An old, somewhat western town that seems to be deserted until you realize it's simply the town where many ghosts live and take refuge.

• Labyrinth; An outstandingly large maze made of thick bush and stone wall that goes on for miles in every direction, tracing different patterns all throughout. Once lost in the labyrinth, it's near-impossible to find your way out. Many creatures live in the labyrinth as well, some friendly, and some not-so friendly, as well as plant life seeming to be alive.

• Old Manor; A somewhat large, old, and yet abandoned, manor, that creaks constantly, a few miles away from the Village, on the edge of a steep cliff.

• Village; A large, bustling village that seems to be from the 1300's of England, where many people live and go through daily life, sitting at the edge of the Forest.

• Underwater City; Half-Hidden Under the Water, and Half-Hidden in an Air Pocket beneath a large rock a few miles out from the main land, Underwater City is the home of many Mer-People and other Water Creatures.

Click here to see a Hand-Drawn Map.

Besides the mentioned areas, there are many places that your characters might encounter. Be creative. :3

27 May 2008 @ 09:04 pm
♠ Costumes Becoming Real ♠

• Aristocrat;

• Cat-Boy/Girl; If your character was dressed as a cat-boy/girl or simply as a feline, they will be a cat-boy/girl in Halloween Town. That is, a human with cat-like features, including ears, a tail, and cat eyes. Some may also have sharpened teeth and claws, as well as a heightened sense of smell and hearing. Some physical abilities belonging to a feline may also accompany your character. Note: This is the same for all [insert animal name here]-Boys/Girls. Dogs, Cats, Rats, Ducks--whatever you want.

• Cowboy; As a cowboy, your character will be completely human, but with the attitude of a true cowboy, and the skills to match. He'll love a cowboy hat and boots, and know how to ride a horse like a true master, and use a rope like one too. (It's also quite possible he'll develop a strong taste for drinking liquor and shooting Indians.)

• Gender-Switch; If your male character had dressed up as a female for Halloween, he will abruptly become a she, accompanied by all the parts that come with a girl--and the personality of a girl. Your character will suddenly have breasts, a possible liking for pink and the understanding of something truly frightening--tampons.

• Ghost; They'll look more realistic than a sheet tossed over your character's head. In fact, they'll look like the everyday average guy--only, you know, transparent. They'll also be able to walk through walls. Once they get a hang of it though, they should be able to be quite solid whenever they'd like. Ghosts also have the ability to appear completely invisible, possess others (for short periods of time) and scare the living daylights out of others. Even while solid, they cannot drink or eat, and they are cold to the touch. They cannot bleed, though they can feel pain if they're in solid form.

• Hunter; If your character is a hunter, whether a vampire hunter, werewolf hunter--whatever--they'll remain completely human, but will become slightly stronger and have an unexplainable knowledge about that which they hunt, as well as a few working weapons against them on their person.

• Indian; As an Indian, your character will be completely human, though his or her skin may get a bit darker. They'll find themselves with the skills of a warrior (such as horse riding and archery), but able to befriend animals and go into deep areas of nature that others would never be able to.

• Mer-Person;

• Pirate;

• Royalty;

• Samurai;

• Vampire; If your character is a vampire, his or her physical appearance, again, will not change. At first, it will seem as though nothing has changed at all. But a vampire can only go so long without getting thirsty, and no ordinary water will quench it. They'll thirst for blood, and after a certain point, will lose their ability to think reasonably--and with eyes turned rage red--they will simply try to get that blood, no matter the consequences. When they are not thirsting, however, their physical abilities will have become much greater. They will be stronger, faster, and possibly, even more charasmatic. A vampire much prefers the night, but daylight is not harmful unless forced under the sun for a very long time. (Garlic and holy water and such are old fairy tales. They can't harm a vampire.)

• Werewolf; If your character is a werewolf, he/she will be completely human except on designated nights of the Full Moon. The transformation is terribly painful, and takes about an hour. Once fully transformed, your character will have no recollection of who he/she is, and will be extremely dangerous, wanting to kill any human it comes into contact with. The change lasts several hours, until the moon wanes, and the process of becoming a human again is just as painful as the first transformation, enough so that he/she could very well pass out during the transformation. Scars will likely be left on the human skin for days, possibly even weeks.

• Witch/Wizard;

• Zombie;

• Book/Movie Based;

• Fairy Tale Based;

27 May 2008 @ 07:52 pm
♠ July ♠

21: Game Begins. Invitations are sent out, inviting everyone to the Party at Tokyo Park.
31: Halloween; the night everyone goes to Halloween Town.

♠ August ♠

16: Full Moon

♠ September ♠

15: Full Moon

27 May 2008 @ 07:39 pm
♠ Instant Friends Add ♠

It's easy to add everyone in the community to your friends list. Click here and copy the following list in. Remember to check back every once in a while for updates.

friend add all-hallows-pot
friend add ahp-mods
friend add jirouscauldron
friend add yuta-the-wolf

Last Updated 07/22/08.

27 May 2008 @ 07:05 pm
♠ Frequently Asked Questions ♠

Here, you can ask about anything you didn't understand or aren't quite sure about. You can spam here too, if you feel like it. ♥

Question: What do you mean by, Reserve a Costume?
Answer: For some costumes, only so many are allowed in the game. This is true for both vampires and pirates. If you apply as a vampire after the maximum amount of vampires have been accepted, we won't be able to accept your application. However, if you reserve a vampire costume before the maximum number of vampires have been accepted, you'll be saving yourself a spot as a vampire, even if you can't get your application in right away.

Question: Dude. It isn't Halloween yet. Your calendar is screwed up.
Answer: We know, but we didn't feel like waiting, so we're sort of manipulating time. Just go with it.

Question: Do I need AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)?
Answer: It's not required, but definitely recommended. We'll be having lots of fun chats, and most members will have it, so communication will be easier if you do. It's a free download and everything.

Question: So--after Halloween Night, and my character is in Halloween Town, is he still in costume?
Answer: Sort of. He's become his costume. For instance, a werewolf will be completely ordinary--a human--until the Night of the Full Moon, when he'll transform into a werewolf. A vampire, however, will always be sporting a pair of fangs and have a love for blood.

Question: Can't I just have my character take his costume off?
Answer: Well, yes, but even if you remove a cowboy's clothes, he'll still be a cowboy--he'll just be a naked cowboy. And I don't recommend shaving a werewolf--that's probably pretty dangerous.

Question: Can I have my vampire attack someone for their blood--and actually succeed?
Answer: Sure, as long as you have permission from the receiving end's player. That's what vampires do after all.

Question: Can I change my character's costume? This one isn't working out.
Answer: Sorry, but no, you can't. Once a cat!boy, always a cat!boy.

Question: What the heck is a sprite?
Answer: A sprite is a pre-made character that anyone can control for very small tasks--such as a waitress. Not a real character, but still needed to be there in order for you to get your food.

♠ Log Classifications ♠

RP THREAD: A log created by anyone, where anyone in the community may respond, in any format.
LJ CHAT LOG: A log written on livejournal, in comments, in screenplay format.
LJ LOG: A log written on livejournal, in comments, in prose format.
RP CHAT LOG: A log written over e-mail, or in an instant messaging program, in screenplay format.
RP LOG: A log written over e-mail, or in an instant messaging program, in prose format.

SCREENPLAY FORMAT: Writing directly, with asterisks.

Example o1.

Yuuta: *walks over* Hey!
Syuusuke: *sits down, looks up at Yuuta* Yuuta, you're back!
Yuuta: Yeah. *sits down next to his brother* I got you the soda you asked for. *digs it out* Here you go.
Syuusuke: Thanks, Yuuta. *takes soda, opens, drinks*
Yuuta: No problem, Aniki. *drinks his own*

PROSE FORMAT: Writing in third person, paragraph form.

Example o2.

Yuuta walked into his house, kicking off his shoes before looking into the living room to see where his big brother had gone. Jackpot, there he was, putting down the phone on the counter. "Hey!" Yuuta said, getting his brother's attention.

Syuusuke saw Yuuta and sat down as he said, "Yuuta, you're back!" He'd just run out to the corner store to get some soda and ice cream, but he'd taken a while. Syuusuke had almost gotten up to go look for him, but then Saeki had called, distracting him.

Yuuta nodded and said yeah, sitting down next to his brother at the table, digging in the grocery bag for something, "I got you the soda you asked for... Here you go."

"Thanks, Yuuta," Syuusuke said, taking it form his little brother, opening it, and taking a long drink. It really was hot in Tokyo during the summer.

Yuuta grabbed his own, and opened it, and said, "No problem, Aniki," before taking a drink himself.

26 May 2008 @ 09:16 pm
♠ Application ♠

Subject Line: [APPLICATION/RESERVATION] Character Name

Personal Journal:

Other Messengers:

Extra: Anything you'd like the moderators to know/take into consideration.

School and Year:
Costume: If original, or it has special aspects, describe in detail.

Personality: Short paragraph is fine.
Background: Short paragraph is fine.

Prose Example, 3rd Person: Two or three paragraphs. If you've played this character before, you may simply provide a link instead of writing a sample.

The application above can be copied and pasted in this box:

Reservations can be made in this post. If you'd prefer to e-mail the application, this is the address: aohatsu@msn.com.

♠ Taken Characters ♠

American Team



Akutagawa Jirou, as a witch, played at jirouscauldron.

Jyousei Shounen

Fuji Syuusuke, reserved.

Zaizen Hikaru, reserved.

St. Rudolph
Fuji Yuuta, as a werewolf, played at yuuta_the_wolf.

Niou Masaharu, reserved.
Yagyuu Hiroshi, reserved.




♠ Taken Costumes ♠

Animal: Cat-Boys, Werewolves • o4 max
Fuji Yuuta, as a werewolf.

Cultural: Cowboys, Hunters, Indians, Samurai • o5 max

Cultural: Pirates • o3 max

Fairy Tale: Brothers Grimm • o3 max
Prince Charming, reserved.

Magical: Warlocks, Witches, Wizards • o4 max
Akutagawa Jirou, as a witch.

Magical: Elves, Leprechauns, Mer-People, Fairies, Trolls • o5 max

Magical: Angels, Demons, Devils • o3 max

Undead: Ghosts, Zombies • o4 max

Undead: Vampires • o3 max
Vampire, reserved.

Change in Time: Aristocrats, Soldiers • o4 max

Change in Gender: Men, Women • o2 max

Famous • o3 max

Movie Based • o3 max

Original • unlimited

If you have an idea for a costume not on the list, go ahead and go for it. The mods will just add it later on. For the sake of the entire communities sanity, however, lets pretend nobody chose to dress up as an inanimate object, such as, say, a toaster. Alright? Alright.

26 May 2008 @ 09:12 pm
♠ Game Rules ♠

o1 • You're not God or Mary Sue. Don't try to act like them.

o2 • Personal Problems are for Personal Journals.

o3 • Keep the crack to a non-crazy level; keep the drama to a non-depressing level.

o4 • If you're going on hiatus, tell us. If the hiatus is longer than a month, you will have to drop your character(s).

o5 • Beginning on the night of the party, this RPG becomes alternate universe. Before that, it's canon. So keep personalities and such intact.

o6 • Not required, but AIM is recommended for all players. We'll have chats and such on a regular basis. (Try downloading it--it's free!)

o7 • Follow the Six Steps to Joining the Community. They're meant to help, really. Don't skip around. Bad things might happen to your application that way.

♠ Logging Rules ♠

o1 • Post in your character's journal at least once every two weeks. After a week of inactivity, you may be given a punishment/prompt required to be filled within a week.

o2 • Participate in an RP Thread, RP Chat Log, RP Log, LJ Chat Log or an LJ Log at least once a month.

o3 • When posting NC-17 logs, please make sure you are very clear on the rating.

o4 • When posting a log, put the included characters names in the subject title. Post in the following format:

o5 • Do not post out of character in the main community journal.

♠ Application Rules ♠

o1 • You may apply as one character at a time, and two total.

o2 • The entire application must be filled out. If you're uncomfortable with the general public viewing your application, please e-mail it here: aohatsu@msn.com.

o3 • All moderators must approve the application before it is approved for the community. Please be patient.

o4 • You may reserve one character at a time, and the reservation will last one week. Others may apply for that character during this time, but they will not be accepted/denied until your application has been sent in or the week has gone by.

o5 • You are always required to submit an application. Nobody gets any special treatment, sorry.

o6 • Upon being accepted--and absolutely not before--create a journal and join all_hallows_pot.
26 May 2008 @ 09:08 pm
♠ About ♠
There had been a party, that night, held at Tokyo Park. Everyone was invited--just wear a costume, they were told. It was a Halloween Party, after all. And it had been fun--until the clock struck midnight, anyway. It started to rain--and rain hard. Suddenly, there was thunder and lightening in the skies, and a dense fog began to creep up as everyone ran around the park, trying to find shelter. Soon, no one could see their own hands in front of their faces, and the screams and yells from the people around them began to quiet--began to disappear. When the fog cleared, it was obvious that they weren't in Tokyo Park anymore. Lost, alone, and with a frightening sensation of being inside a nightmare, there was one more thing left to notice about their new situation--their costumes weren't just costumes anymore.

♠ Further Explanation ♠
The characters of Prince of Tennis had all gathered for a party in Tokyo Park, held by the school district. At midnight, however, they lost sight and track of all their friends because of a sudden fog. When the fog clears, they all find themselves to be in a world called Halloween Town--where Halloween-type things happen and exist. (For example, werewolves, vampires and witches are all real and quite normal.) Other than that, however, is that whatever costume the boys and girls were wearing, are now real as well. For instance, if a boy had dressed up as a girl--well, happy gender-switching days.

♠ Helping You Understand ♠
The game starts Halloween Night, and the characters are transported to another world, and are separated from everyone. This new world is called Halloween Town. It has several areas, all described here. The costumes, while all different, have a general set of rules to follow here, such as a werewolf only transforming on the night of the Full Moon. Remember, there are NPC's and Sprites running around--people who inhabit Halloween Town naturally--that you can use to your advantage.

For anything you don't understand, refer to the FAQ.